I am one of the animate, wonder and aimless in this world. I am the result of process of evolution in animate. I came from the mountains, caves, and jungles. But I was able to be a real human. I am so called the best in the world. I am an animal who can talk and walk. I am the one who can communicate .  I am the one who created the shelter, food ,and cloth. Then I created the languages, tribes, and clans. Then I created music, and dances.  I am the one who created religions, Gods, and finally God. Later on I created private property, money, and power. Then I created arm forces to protect my power. I am the one who killed my other sisters, and brothers, just because of power, position, and money. I am the one who could be the best creature in the world, but I am not. I am the one who made some people poor, and some rich. I am the one who exploited my other fellow brothers and sisters. I am the one who owns the cultures, and civilizations. I am the one who did change the face of the world, by technology,    the age of computers, and industrialism. I am the killer, fighter, lover, and hater. I am the one who could live in a very calm, and peaceful situation in this world; in a brotherhood, and friendship atmosphere. I am also the one who caused the first, and second World Wars.         Who am I? 

 Where did I come from  and  where am I going?

 What is it all for and why?

 What is the purpose of my life?

 Every one says something . But no one knows. Who am I?          


                By: Bob Yazdi


Chosen & Published on 1992 in Grade 12 year book of Scarborough Board of Education, Ontario. Canada